Wisdom, meet courage.

Around the globe or across the street, Carroll Warren & Parker is a tenacious advocate. Whether handling high-stakes litigation for international corporations or guiding community leaders through sensitive local matters, CWP confronts every case with unrelenting energy and penetrating insight.

We’re built to perform.

CWP is hands-on, responsive and highly accessible—precisely because of everything we’re not. We are not a bulky, oversized firm. We are not slowed down by multiple layers of command and the same knowledgeable team members who take on your case are the very ones who see it through to completion.

We make the opposition think twice.

Even in the most complex disputes, CWP is fully prepared to go to trial—and the opposition knows it. We have the track record to prove it, and a success rate that few peers, anywhere, can claim. That alone is often enough to achieve a favorable out-of-court settlement for our clients.

We’re not just here to win.

We’re also here for you. Being involved in a lawsuit can be a difficult experience. At CWP, we set ourselves apart by going beyond what most consider the role of legal counsel, just because we believe it’s the right thing to do - like easing tensions between parties and working tirelessly for your cause throughout the case. Since we don’t lose sight of the people involved, we are that much more invested in the outcome.

This is what we do.

In the domestic and international property insurance communities, our attorneys are seen as a trusted resource, especially for handling complex disputes. We carry that same level of energy and dedication to every case in all our practice areas.

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"CWP continues to demonstrate their unique application and professional attention to complex cases challenging the international insurance community. Through their breadth of experience, expert knowledge, sound management, sensitivity to potential threats and focused legal counsel, success is achieved."