CWP Attorneys Author Article on Delay in Start-Up Coverage For ABA’s Section of Litigation

The Fall 2015 newsletter issued by the American Bar Association's Section of Litigation (Construction Litigation Committee) features an article authored by CWP members Jim Warren, Doug Morgan and Scott Murray. The article, titled DSU Primer: Valuable Coverage When a Project Goes Wrong, not only discusses the basics of delay in start-up ("DSU") insurance, but also addresses several complicated issues that often arise when DSU coverage is involved, including, when the DSU indemnity period ends and whether the DSU recovery can be offset by the insured-owner's receipt of liquidated damages from the contractor. The article attempts to remove some of the mystery surrounding DSU coverage that construction and coverage attorneys must deal with when a construction project covered by DSU insurance is delayed.

The article is cited as: Jim Warren, Doug Morgan & Scott Murray, DSU Primer: Valuable Coverage When a Project Goes Wrong, A.B.A. CONSTR. LITIG. NEWSLETTER (Dec. 22, 2015),

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